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Jared Strong!

Hi, My name is Jared and I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma on December 15th, 2017. My treatment is tough, but I have the support of my family, friends, school, the community and the nice people at The Valerie Fund.

In August of 2018 my six month scans showed that the cancer came back. I am now going through more treatment and will have a stem cell transplant to help me recover.

During my treatment, I met many other kids with cancer. I want to help raise money to support The Valerie Fund so they can help these kids and others who get the same news we did.

Thanks to the care I am getting at The Valerie Center, I will get better.

Thank you,

Jared Tong

Our Team

Aetna, Inc. $7500
Agents for Children's Health (AFCH) $7000
Amanda Boes $100
Anonymous $103
- Jared Strong! Best wishes from the Weldon Family!
Anonymous $25
Anonymous $129
- JaredStrong!
Austin Newarski $129
Beverly Koehler $100
Brianna Blozen $103
Brianna Blozen $37
C Haenny $25
CATHERINE Jankowski $171
- So proud of you Jared!
Caitlin Fortunato $57
- Go Team Jared!!
Carly Kuchova $62
- One step closer to a cure!
Casey Bean $35
Charles Felts $89
- Get well Jared, Martin Felts, Blair Felts and Maggie Felts & Family
Christine Orlando $141
Colin Tong $35
Colleen D'Alessandro $125
- Kegan Tong is a friend of mine and after my request, sent me this link.
Connor ODonnell $129
Craig Santagata $35
Dana Pierro $37
- Jared Strong! The Pierro's have you in our hearts!
Dawn Malone $81
Dawn Simila $89
- We love you Jared!
Dawn Tucker $42
- Go Team Jared!
Elaine Glass $36.00
Gail Johnson $50
Jackie Altschul $26
Jaclyn Barnes $37
Jacqueline Sarullo $50.00
James Simila $35
Jamie Bean $35
Jared Tong
Jennifer Nazath $45
Jennifer Nazath $37
Jill Herring $78
Jim Lane $47
Judy Bilicki $45
Karen Scarcia $103
- Go Jared! You are Viking Strong!!!
Kathy Hercel $52
- Go Jared!! You make us proud!!
Kerry Tong $126
Kim Ambrose $35
Kristen Appollina $50.00
- Keep fighting Jared! The Appollina Family Carl, Kristen, Amy and Eddie
Kristi Thompson $129
Lance Tong $535
- Jared Strong!
Lebanon Township PTA $52
- The Lebanon Township PTA wishes you the very best!
Liam McGreevy $20
Marc Dally $35
Maria Dickson $42
Mary D’Avella $31
Max and Zack Faragalla $45
- Valley view students support your recovery!
Meg Pfingst $45
Michael O'Neill $89
- Ho Get Em, Tiger!!!
Michele Fabbroni $129
Michelle Santagata $235
- Always Team Jared! You got this! ~ Craig & Michelle Santagata and Craig’s Me-Me
Morgan Sutton $35
Nicole Orlando $35
Nicole Simila $90
North Hunterdon High School Coaches $155
North Hunterdon Youth Baseball $250
- North Hunterdon Youth Baseball Supports Jared!
Patricia Cooper $103
Ronald Jankowski $35
Ryan Tong $35
Sandra Andersen $52
- Jared Strong!
Tara Giri $37
The Slomczewskis $52
Tom Kochanowski $250
Voorhees Wrestling Team 2018-19 $552
Zach Tong $35



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