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Good vibes only! Wake up each morning with a smile! Keep on fighting!

When I got diagnosed with Germinoma Brain Cancer everything was so scary for me. The Valerie Fund helped me feel better with all of their therapists, doctors and nurses. (Especially Dr. Rao & Nurse Kimmie!)
Come donate and walk with us to support The Valerie Fund. To give help to the kids that are fighting just like me.

*We are also doing a Dance-A-Thon to raise money for The Valerie Fund & GG's Angels team. December 16th my 10th birthday. 3-6PM at the Long Hill Senior Center in Long Hill Twp. NJ. You can donate here and come join us to dance and raise money for The Valerie Fund!*

The Valerie Fund was not just amazing for me. It was also amazing for my family and friends.
The crew at the Valerie Fund is the best there is. We are in a different place this year as we set up our walk website. We have come through 4 rounds of chemo and 24 rounds of Proton radiation. We have met so many beautiful people on this crazy journey. I have been able to benefit from all of the resources at the Valerie Fund. The school liaison came to school to explain what was going on to my teacher and friends which helped me feel more comfortable at school (and I wouldn't get so many questions). They helped with Vgo the robot to help me attend school from home, to helping my family navigate paperwork with school, to art therapy to help me process everything that was going on, to yoga and aromatherapy to help me feel better, and all the way to the amazing Camp Happy Times...The Valerie Fund has been there for me every step of the way. I see and feel the impact they have on so many lives everyday. They are truly amazing and I am so thankful for them. Please help support this amazing, inspiring organization. Please join my Team GG's Angels on June 8, 2019 in Verona!

Our Team

Adam & Emily Makarewicz $25
Allison Kempe $129
- Grace - we are going to have a blast celebrating your 10th birthday and dancing to stomp out cancer. You're a fighter - YOU GO GIRL!!! Love ya!
Andrew & Robin Nestler $100
Anna Kezerashvili $103
Anna Strid $45
Anonymous $129
Anonymous $103
Anonymous $3000
- LHT loves to dance and walk in support of Grace and TVF!
Anonymous $258
Aubrey Reichard-Eline $45
Bailey Weiner $35
Barbara & Steve Torpie $100
- We are so happy to support this effort. Grace is amazing!!!
Brayden Weiner $35
Britt Donohoe $103
Carissa M Jordan $45
Christopher & Gisela Perruna $100
Dan Eline $35
Dana & Brian Johnstone $100
Daniel Reichard $35
Danielle Rowell $345
David Unterwald $100
Dawn Converse $125
Deirdre Vanderstreet $35
Denise Bush $40
Dolores Sullivan $50
Duyen Pham $300
Eduardo & Andrea Marmolejos $20
Edward E. Hall & Company $129
Elizabeth Cashin $43
Fr. Richard Carton $206
Gary Weiner & Jane Koppelman $30
Girl Scouts of Northern NJ, Troop 95051 $50
Grace Eline $6
- Good vibes only! Wake up each morning with a smile! Keep on fighting!
Ian and Amy Steinberg $89
Jack Stellato $35
Jeffrey & Jennifer Kopelman $30
Jennifer Dawson $45
- Dance Dance Dance Grace!!!
Jessica Tilak $295
Jill Alintoff $50.00
- Keep fighting Grace!!!
John & Amy Pallante $25
John & Jaime Falvey $100
John & Margaret Camiolo $50
John & Monica Dec $25
Joseph & Jenifer Clark $100
Judy Panzer $45
Julie & Daniel Nelson $100
Karen & David Rossi $100
Keira Vanderstreet $35
Kirstin Cicero $300
Kristen & Joseph Hubert $30
Kristen & Robert D'Egidio $50
Landon Eline $35
Lauren Franklin $103
Lawrence Coffey $45
Lee-David Weiner $35
Liz Reichard $35
Lizzie Stellato $35
Loraine Anderson $50
Louis Deluca $100
Lynn Dischmann $100.00
- Go Team Grace!
Malte Pendergast-Fischer $100
Malte Pendergast-Fischer $100
Margaret & John Gleeson $20
Marlena & Peter Janis $50
Megan Stellato $41
Michael & Alana Duff $25
Michael & Beth Smargiassi $30
Michele Vanderstreet $35
- Grace you are a force of nature and we love you!
Mike Stellato $35
Nancy Bird $129
Olivia Stellato $35
Omkar Govindarajan & Vanisri Padmanabhan $50
Pam Fitzsimmons $45
Rich Dodd $100
Robert & Denise Ford $25
Robert Vanderstreet $150
Robert Vanderstreet $45
Sean Kelly $129
Stephanie Pomerleau $100
Sylvie Le Clanche $45
Unwind Yoga & Wellness $361
Victor Lobozzo $120
Whitney Gaydos $26
myra weinberg $20



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