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Walking miles with Myles

My name is Myles, I'm 11 years old and in the 6th grade. I have Sickle Cell Anemia SS, which is a heredity blood disorder diagnosed at birth. At this time, there is no cure.

I've had some pretty tough times dealing with severe pain in all parts of my body, breathing/lung issues, high fevers and many hospital admissions. Although those times were very difficult for me, the good days definitely outweigh the bad ones. The constant Love and Support of my family, friends, doctors, nurses, hospital staff and the wonderful people at the Valerie Fund is what provides me strength.

I face each challenge with a positive attitude, sprinkled with hope and courage.

“Courage does not always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, tomorrow will be better” – Mary Anne Radmacher

Our Team

Adrian Huerta $129
Aiyana Cook $35
- Myles is such a fighter! So proud to be on his team and even more proud to call him family!! Love you Myles!!!
Anonymous $515
- You are a star Myles. Stay strong, keeping working hard and making your mom proud!!
Barbara Rizzo $82
Barry Kirschner $89
- Myles you rock! I love your spunk and energy.........stay strong my friend!!! Barry
- Myles is the strongest young man we know... Carl / Mother / Aunt
Caitlin and Brandon Ponder $50
Camila penna $129
Davarn Wright $37
Denise Bowie $20
- God Bless You. I am praying for Myles daily and all the others with Sickle Cell. Love, Deacon Denise Bowie
Hank C $45
John Cook $15
- Hey my little buddy! I'll always be here for you and support you! Love, Dada
John Cook
Justin Cook $35
Kenny Garcia
Khaela & Maya $103
Khaela Cook
Luiz De Salvo $515
Marjorie Mitchell $50
- I want you to know, you are always in my prayers and I hope to see you one day soon. Love, Aunt Toot
Masahiro Hattori $35
Mason Cook $35
Maureen O’Brien $52
- Go Myles... Obriiieeennn xoxo
Maya Burgess
Michael Cheney $89
- Go Myles!!!!
Myles Burgess $2
- Let’s walk Miles with Myles!
Sara Miller $89
Sayer Cook $37
- I'm in! I am so excited to be a part of this amazing team; walking miles with my amazing and strong nephew Myles. Love you always Myles!
Sharon Cook $37
Shuko Hattori $82
- Go Myles Go! You make your mother & her colleagues proud!
Sonya Cook $35
Tamajh Cook $37
- What's up Myles? I'm walking with you and P.S. Do not forget to watch The Flash with me on Tuesday's. Love you man.
Tara Favors $91
- Congratulations to you, Myles!
The Weequahic Guys, Inc. $1000
Tom Holler $35
Toshe Hattori $65
Vincent Cook



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