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You down with HPP?

Our son, Leo, was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder called hereditary pyropoikilocytosis (HPP) which makes his red blood cells more fragile and leads to anemia. At only 3 months old, he’s had to have numerous blood draws, phototherapy and 3 blood transfusions to keep him stable. It will be a long road ahead for him, especially this first year, but he is a fighter!

Leo has been receiving his medical care at the Valerie Center in Morristown. We are so fortunate to have this resource so close to home. Everyone from the administrative staff to the medical professionals have been so kind and supportive during this very scary time in our lives. They are a great team, and Leo is receiving excellent care in their hands.

We are walking to raise money for the Valerie Fund, which supports the Valerie Center in Morristown along with several other centers throughout NJ. They set up these facilities so that children with cancer and blood disorders can receive the care they need close to home. Come out and join Leo’s League! We look forward to seeing everyone in June!

Our Team

Adeline rossi $45
Andrea Magley - Novartis Matching Gift PLEDGE $45
Anita James $125
Anonymous $86
Anthony Buonpane $35
Artie and Debbie Tate $103
Ashley Soughley $35
Audrey Pfeiffer $129
Beth Zamara $89
Candice Booker $89
Carmine Burdi $81
- Leo you are amazing!!
Carol Grant $89
Christina Burdi $558
Christina Miranda
Dana Parlapanides $52
Danny Miranda $47
Deanna Hehl $103
Debra Tortora $86
Diane Cohen $89
Diane Stolbach $100.00
Dr. Scholl's & Coppertone Coworkers $410.00
Eric Kahn $250
Francesco Guagliardi $145
Frank Hotz $45
Gail Cronin $86
Genevieve Byrne $26
Gerald Russoniello $43
Gerard Burdi $45
Grace Buonpane $35
- Love you Leo
Hehl & Hehl, P.C. $1030
Henry Miranda $300
Ian Manning $515
- We wish we could come walkwith you guys. We hope the event is a huge success.
James LaCorte $300
Joe Policastro $37
John Picyk $86
Joseph Fiorilli $126
- GO LEO GO!!!!!!
Joseph Hehl $82
Kaitlyn Lipkin $45
Karen Leonard $89
Kathy & Bill Higley $100
Kelsey Burdi $78
Kyle Burdi $45
L Lynch $103
Laura Cassani $100
Lauren Cole $45
Lindsey Knehr $57
Lorraine McGuire $31
Marc DiGiovanni $35
Mark Alfieri $129
Martha Liquori $52
Mary Jane Hehl $48
Mary Lynn Hehl $35
Mary Policastro $100
Maryann & Gerard Burdi $515
Maryann Burdi $38
Maryann and Jim Ferris $103
Matt & Emily Levine $52
Maureen Gibson $45
Meg Mills $21
Michelle Burdi $45
Nicholas Burdi $45
Nicholas Burdi $35
Nick Soughley $35
Nikki Salute $45
Patricia R. Gallagher $43
Peter & Judy Capodice $103
Robert Clark $103
Ron & Marilyn Pollen $86
Rose Parisella $45
Seth Tropper $100
Stephen Hehl $45
Stephen King $45
Steve Hehl $346
Susan Shay $100
Teddi La Salvia $52
Terry Tuthill $52
Terry Tuthill $35
The Mac’s $100
Theresa Crane $129
- I wish we could be there with you!
Tony Pedro $100
Tracy Gable $37
Vincent Fiorilli $45
William Sforza $35
Yasmine Digiovanni $57
- Digiovannis cant wait to walk with you Leo!
andrea magley $45



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