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Today is a good day to have a good day and cake!!

Hi my name is Hailey and I'm 15 years old. I was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2017 and the last few years have been very challenging. I've had multiple surgeries at Goryeb Children's Hospital in Morristown and am thankful for all the wonderful people at the Valerie Center that have supported me through this journey.

The Valerie Center has helped me and my family in so many ways so please help me raise money so they can continue to help other kids like me! I hope you can join me on June 13th and walk with Team Lamb Chop, but if you can't, please consider making a donation to support a great cause!


Our Team

& Mrs. Marc Silberman $103
- We are so sorry to miss the run and walk with you this year. It is our nephew’s bat mitzvah in Boston. We hope you are feeling well and look forward to seeing you soon! Love, Amy, Marc, Rebecca, Jackie and Eli
Abbey Russano $45
Adi Silva $21
- I met Hailey at my schools PE Partners program and I am so happy to know such a sweet and funny girl. She truly inspires me everyday. Go Princeton girl!!!
Alvin Cheng $21
Amanda Quinones $31
Amanda Winchock $36
Amy Weinstein $25
Andrew Hoffman $89
Ann Chaudron $43
- Team Lamb Chop rocks!!!
Ann Chaudron $50
- Congratulations! Keep up the good work!
Anonymous $31
Anonymous $45
Anonymous $16
Anonymous $15
Anonymous $10
Anonymous $129
Anonymous $45
Anonymous $26
Anonymous $129
Anonymous $21
Anonymous $21
Anonymous $26
Anonymous $50
BRHS - The Valerie Fund Club (Bake Sale) $392
Benjamin Sheelar $85
Bri Holodinski $25
Brian Smart $100
Brianna Colelli $45
Brooke Chirichello $25
Cameron Kalik $45
Caroline Noonan $47
- Let’s go team Lamb Chop!!
David Hinkle $16
- Stay strong!!
David Salazar $11
Dominic Cushman $20
Emily Brandes $37
Emma Davis $26
- Supporting you today and everyday Hailey! PWS loves you!
Eric Grynberg $38
Evelyn Fu $16
Frank Patti $26
Grace Barbara $31
Hailey Lamca $4
Jaclyn Ladas $25.00
Jad Marhaba $50
Jade Allen Mangali $16
Jake Maggio $16
James Lamca $35
Jamie Lamca $35
Jamie Yedloutschnig $52
Jared Kachlany $20
Jason Hinkle $16
Jason Pasquale $52
John LeDell $300
Judith Kursar $26
Julia Senzon $16
Julieann Murphy $10
Katie Kuchta $129
Kaylee Frigiano $31
Kelly MacKinney $25
Kyle O’Hara $11
Kyle Mitchell $106
Larissa Vernak $42
Lesli Lamca $35
Linda Chaudron $103
Lizzy Hanemann $26
Madison Bray $26
Manoj Kuntamukkula $26
Manuel Correia $50
Mckenna and Kalie Moore $45
Melo Taylor $19
Michael Poller $125
Michelle Thomas $52
- Hi Hailey! I hope you you feel better soon! I miss you so much. Elementary school was so fun with you! :)
Mike Brickfield $31
Mike Brickfield $129
Nabhay Prashad $31
- All the best to Jamie and Hailey - I hope my donation benefits your cause.
Natalie Grossi $31
- Keep up the good work Hailey :)
Nick Rossi $31
Olivia Humlen $40
Peter Johnson $21
Rachel Edelman $19
Rachel Keats $20
Raquel White $26
- I am so happy I got to meet Hailey this year, her positive attitude is very inspiring to not only me but other students and teachers in the school!
Riky Bae $11
Roberta Moir $26
Roy Perdue $52
Scott Ducey $21
Sean Driscoll $103
- Hailey - I'm so glad you are a part of our PWS Team. Can't wait to have you on the sideline with us again soon!
Sid Sridhar $11
Sophie Bontempo $31
Sophie Marino $45
Sophie Thomas $52
Suresh Kannoth $26
Susan Sultzbaugh - BMS Foundation Matching Gift PLEDGE $50
The Bast Family $52
- Way to go, Lamca Family! Wishing you lots of luck in reaching your goal!
The Stavrakis Family $100
Thomas Bateman $125
- Good luck Hailey!
Will Busler $101
emily baxter-green $21
gianna mazzagatti $11
- You are in my prayers!



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