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Trey Gogerty (age 4) began his cancer journey on February 14, 2022. After being sick for a few weeks and looking unwell, we ended up getting an order for blood work. It wasn’t until 10pm the night of the 14th that we received a phone call from the pediatrician— a phone call no parent wants— saying that Trey’s bloodwork came back “bad” and we needed to go right to the ER at Morristown Medical right away. As the worst possible thoughts began to race in our minds, the pediatrician told us that we should not be “surprised” if Trey has leukemia. Once we arrived at Morristown Medical, they began running more tests on Trey and shortly after it was confirmed that he did in fact have leukemia. We later learned it was B Cell ALL. After a 10-day stay in the hospital we became familiar with the doctors and it was during that time we were introduced to the Valerie Fund Center. The first day back to the hospital and to the Valerie Fund Center felt awful, to be honest. Trey had no idea what was going on, and as a parent it just wasn’t what we were supposed to be doing with our 4-year-old son! But thanks to their constant guidance and support, we quickly gained a new family in the staff at The Valerie Fund Center. They have gone above and beyond to make this journey as easy as possible for Trey. Beyond doting on Trey and making him feel loved and cared for, they have also made my husband and I feel incredibly comfortable by giving us the same attention as they do Trey. The Valerie Fund Center has made the numerous and continuous hospital stays that much easier as they play with and comfort Trey when he needs it the most. Today, Trey continues to fight hard but the journey is not over. His next cycle is set to start on June 6th, and knowing the staff will be there for the entire duration gives us a feeling of peace and happiness. We cannot begin to express the love we have for The Valerie Fund Center— we don’t know what we would do without them! Please consider donating to help Trey reach his goal!

Our Team

AJ Gammaro $155
- Prayers for your family! Love, AJ and Kat
Adele Caruso $35
- Sending lots of love and hugs!!!
Adina & Jeremy Mercadante Gagnon $26
- You got this TREY! lots of hugs and strength to you all ❤️❤️❤️
Adrienne Mee $35
Alexandra Palek $38
Alicia Angione $48
- Stay strong!
Allyson Montes $52
Alyssa Agrifolio $48
Alyssa Machado $38
Anonymous $48
Anonymous $361
- Paws Up
Anonymous $21
Anonymous $26
Anonymous $103
Anonymous $48
Anonymous $749
Anonymous $1030
Anonymous $89
April Bell $103
Ashley Oliveira
Ashley Bellucci $26
Avery Mee $35
Barb Walls $26
Barbara Taibi $35
Bianca Librie $103
Bianca Librie $37
Bill Gogerty
Bill Scanlon $100
Bob Gogerty $191
- Grandpa is with Trey for every step of your fight. We will fight together. I love you. ❤️
Bob and Barbara Dunn $100
Bobbie Bolandi $52
Bobby and Danielle Carella $155
Brett Keepers $46
Brian Oliveira
Brian Gogerty $37
Brianna D’Angelo $35
Brittany Alicastro $48
Brittany Daidone $25
Bruce and Rose Pollack $36
- Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Carly Buchwald $26
Carol Davis-Grossman $38
- Go team Trey!!! Glad we can support that amazing little guy and his wonderful family!❤️ The Grossman Family
Casey (Dunn) Sudol $48
Cassandra & Nicholas Meola $46
Catherine Taibi $39
Chris Ruton $35
Christina Montemurro $52
Christine Lattimer $37
Coletta, Joseph $155
- Best of luck!
Colleen Kalagher-Travaglio $48
Colleen, Bob & Caroline Nisbet $52
Coralie Palek $155
Cristine Dyer $46
Cynthia Scanlon $89
Cynthia Costello $48
Dan Gogerty $35
- Shout out to Trey Ball
Daniel Spinelli $52
Danielle Massot $21
Danny Murray $35
David & Marie Angers $103
David D’Angelo $35
David D’Angelo $35
Deanna Carbone $52
Debbie DeFrancisci $50
Debbie Durning $35
Debbie Palumbo $86
Deborah Facciponte $100
- You got this Trey stay strong we love you
Debra & Joseph Socci $103
Denise Ficeto $37
- Love, Hope, and Prayers
Derek Sapp $35
Diane Moe $35
Diane Morresi $86
Dina Paradiso $50.00
Donna Zambrano $35
- Continue to be strong❣️
Doreen Palek $35
Edward Giuliana $50.00
Eisner Advisory Group $2500
Elizabeth Stambaugh $155
Ellen Denman $89
Emily Dispenziere $50
Eric McCluney $25
Erik Lipkin $46
Frank Bowen $52
- Trey, our prayers are with you always!
Frank DiMattia $45
Gabby Zengewald $21
Gabriela Copeland $89
Gerald Ficeto
Giancarlo Cerrigone $103
Great Grandma Florence Gogerty $52
Great Grandma Rosemarie Pettoni $52
Haley DeFrank $45
Harry Pettoni $35
- Thoughts and prayers for Trey and his family
Jack Siggelkow $100
Jacklyn Sapp $39
Jacqui Barilari $78
Janet Rubino $37
Janice Gogerty $37
- Trey Strong
Jeanne Pettoni $38.00
- Keep strong Trey.
Jeffrey Zambrano $35
Jenna Lasser $52
Jennifer Bruzzio $48
Jennifer Miller $150
- Sending our love and prayers for Trey! ❤️
Jennifer Pymm $39
Jessica WELSH Di Veglio $21
Jet Gogerty $35
Jim & Pat Feeley $133
Joanne Nielsen $68
Joe Slattery $103
- Trey Strong !!
Joel & Donna Goldberg $103
John & Denise Lubrano $103
John Autorino $35
John Paul Di Dio $35
Joshua Simon $150
Joyce Pisani $155
Julie Dispenziere $50
Julie D’Angelo $193
Julieanne Mascera $48
- You got this Trey!!
Kara Durning
Karen Wood $52
- Sending hugs and prayers for Trey Autorino and Team Trey. Love, Karen Wood and Stephanie
Karen and Bob Marino $103
Katherine Zambrano $35
Kathryn Hart $100
Keara McMahon $48
Keith Locascio $86
Kevin Palek $45
Kevin and Mary McKiernan $103
Kim Smokowski $48
Kimberly Myers $103
Kratz Family $48
Kraven Cauthen $48
Kristel Arroyo $37
Kristen McKenna $37
Kristin O’Leary $37
Kristin Fitzgerald $38
Kristine Sinisi $37
Laura Fabrizio $35
Laura Marinelli $100
Lauren Meyer $155
- Stay strong Trey!
Lee Cohen $48
Leigh Dugan $35
Linda Taneja $89
Linda Miller $89
- Healing prayers for Trey .
Linda Pesa $21
- Keeping Trey and his family in my prayers. Go Team Trey!
Lindsey Lawless $35
- Team Trey!!
Lorraine Bomba $35
Lou Marzullo $48
Love, The Esposito Family $103
- God bless Trey and his family! We pray God’s healing on Trey and give him comfort and endurance to fight this!
Lucille Catanzaro $21
- Our prayers are with you
Luke Nielsen $35
Luke Oliveira
Lyndsay O’Hara (Smokowski) $26
- Sending so much love your way
Lynn Russell $48
MacAvery family $103
Marc & Dana Spallino $103
Margaret Damiano $52
Marian Bell $25
Marie Konicoff $50
Marie Raquet $46
Mark Zambrano $35
Mark Zambrano $35
Mark and Debbie Bode $52
Mark and christine Mercadante $206
- You got this TREY!!! Prayers and strength for you and your family
Martha Mercadante $89
- Prayers from Mercadante Family in Texas
Mary Duarte $100
Mary Ellen Lynch $35
Mary Lindsay Hanson $200
Mary Plaia $35
Maryellen Fabrizio $35
Matt Fink $48
Maureen Flar $35.00
Maureen Paradiso $46
McCabe Cheryl $103
Megan Cammarata $48
Megan Di Dio $38
Megan McKiernan $35
Melanie Sifuentes $89
Michael & Mary Wujciak $50
Michael Jones $52
Michael Machado $35
Michael Maffucci $89
- Prayers for Trey and family.
Michelle Simone $35
Mikaela Lynch $35
Mike and Mayra Mercadante $150
Moose $103
Name and organization $103
- We are praying for you! You got this!
Nancy & Scott Radcliffe $37
Nancyanne Tait $35
- Go Trey! You got this !!❤️
Natalie & Terrence McKiernan $200
Natalie Hackbarth $26
Nicholas D’Angelo $35
Nicole D Roselli Roselli $48
Nicole Edzenga $40
- Thinking of you Trey!
Nicole Kelly $21
Nikki Jackie Pete Velardi $309
Nona Bonanno $39
Norma Meola $35
Oliver Lee $35
Owen Ruton $35
Palmieri family $100
- Sending Trey and the Gogarty family positive thoughts and prayers.
Pamela Romanchuk $48
Patricia Autorino $37
Patrick and Kristin McLoughlin $48
Paul A Palek Jr $89
Paul Palek $35
Rachel Sgarlata $89
- Supporting TEAM TREY and the Valerie Fund since we couldn’t be there for the walk! Thinking of you guys!! #treystrong
Ralph Amadeo $103
Randy Nelson $50
- ✊
Rhea Gogerty $35
Rich Bea $150
Richard Tait $35
Richard Fabrizio $35
Richard Mercadante $361
- Prayers from the Mercadante’s in Florida
Rob Gogerty $35
Robert Autorino $39
Rocky Gogerty $35
Rosangela Iacovo $103
Rosanne Gogerty $191
- To our little WARRIOR. Keep up the fight we are all behind you every step of the way! Love RoRo
Rose DeFabiis $35.
Ryan McKiernan $38
Ryan Mee $35
Ryan, Meg & RJ McKiernan $89
Sam Gogerty $35
Sam Trella Joyce $48
Sarah Bondar $48
- Trey you’re amazing and we are always thinking of you! Lots of love Sarah, Pete and Madison Bondar xx
Sean Romano $103
Sean Sweeney $50
Shannon Rossi $86
Sheri Pettoni $35
Stacy forte $46
- My son was treated at The Valerie Fund many years ago. During the scariest time of your life I know first hand that you are in the best of hands! Wishing Trey a speedy recovery!
Stephanie Gogerty $38
- to the strongest, most fearless, hysterical boy I know
Stephen Grossman $35
Stephen & Linda Flynn $103
Stephen D’Angelo $35
Stephen Mee $35
Steve Nieglos $52
Suzanne Lee $48
Suzanne Mulzet Thran $31
Suzy Michaels $25
Sylvia Watford $37
- Will continuously pray for Trey and the family.
Tara & Andrew Heller $103
The Dalle-Molle Family $100.00
The Gerard Family $103
The Grande Family $103
The Immersi Family ,(Gerard,Toni & Gerard) $37
- Stay Strong Trey! You got this
Thomas Gabriele $52
Thomas Tait $37
- Walking for “Warrior” Trey!
Todd Cohen $45
Tom Williams $89
Traci Majka $35
Trey Gogerty
Victoria Howe $84
Victoria Vandagriff $89
Vincent Cordasco $86
Walter Gogerty $85
Xavier Fitzgerald $35



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