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Team Blasting Neuroblastoma was created in 2014 in honor of our "mascot" Neal, an inspirational now 9 year old who was diagnosed with Stage III, Highly Aggressive Neuroblastoma in August 2013 when he was just 3. Since that time, Neal has been receiving treatment at the Valerie Center in Morristown, NJ. Neal finished frontline therapy in November 2014 and we are very happy to report that for approximately the last five years his scans have shown no evidence of disease (NED if you know the language). In fact, if you saw Neal today, you would never know how hard he fought in his struggle against cancer. While that fight is never ending, today, Neal is a happy 9 year old fourth-grader who loves baseball, basketball, swimming, soccer. reading, science and being a big brother. The reason that is true has everything to do with the impeccable care Neal has and continues to receive at the Valerie Center. From the doctors, to the nurses, to the social workers, to the child life specialists and beyond, the staff at the Valerie Center excels at everything they do. They are everything you could ask for and more. They have helped us so much with Neal's continuing struggle to heal. Now it is our turn to give back. Please join team Blasting Neuroblastoma in raising money to help kick cancer's butt. Even if you can't join us at the Walk, please consider donating to this truly worthy cause. With your help, we can win.

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