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As of 2024 Trey is still doing amazing in his fight. He has started kindergarten and goes to school half day, lost his first tooth, and even learned to ride a bike. We are so proud of him and inspired by him daily!! Thank you for the continued support through all the ups and downs! ' NEXT UP JUNE 6TH 2024 TREY WILL RING THE BELL AND COMPLETE TREATMENT JUST IN TIME FOR THE WALK!!!!!! Trey Gogerty (age 5) began his cancer journey on February 14, 2022. After being sick for a few weeks and looking unwell, we ended up getting an order for blood work. It wasn’t until 10pm the night of the 14th that we received a phone call from the pediatrician— a phone call no parent wants— saying that Trey’s bloodwork came back “bad” and we needed to go right to the ER at Morristown Medical right away. As the worst possible thoughts began to race in our minds, the pediatrician told us that we should not be “surprised” if Trey has leukemia. Once we arrived at Morristown Medical, they began running more tests on Trey and shortly after it was confirmed that he did in fact have leukemia. We later learned it was B Cell ALL. After a 10-day stay in the hospital we became familiar with the doctors and it was during that time we were introduced to the Valerie Fund Center. The first day back to the hospital and to the Valerie Fund Center felt awful, to be honest. Trey had no idea what was going on, and as a parent it just wasn’t what we were supposed to be doing with our 4-year-old son! But thanks to their constant guidance and support, we quickly gained a new family in the staff at The Valerie Fund Center. They have gone above and beyond to make this journey as easy as possible for Trey. Beyond doting on Trey and making him feel loved and cared for, they have also made my husband and I feel incredibly comfortable by giving us the same attention as they do Trey. The Valerie Fund Center has made the numerous and continuous hospital stays that much easier as they play with and comfort Trey when he needs it the most. Today, Trey continues to fight hard but the journey is not over. He is currently in the maintenance stage, and knowing the staff will be there for the entire duration gives us a feeling of peace and happiness. We cannot begin to express the love we have for The Valerie Fund Center— we don’t know what we would do without them! Please consider donating to help Trey reach his goal!

Our Team

Adele Caruso $52
Alexandra Palek $40
Amy Cilli $48
Angelo D'Angelo $35
Anonymous $181
April Bell $37
Bob & Colleen Nisbet $50
- Let’s GO, Team Trey! Best wishes from CT!
Bob Gogerty $140
- Our Warrior, My HERO, love Gramps
Bob and Barbara Dunn $103
Brianna D’Angelo $38
Bryce Palek $35
Camille Wujciak $37
- Best Wishes and Love Always! RING THAT BELL!
Carol Davis-Grossman $141
Casey Dunn Sudol $50
Darlene Kohan $50
David D’Angelo $35
David D’Angelo $35
Debbie DeFrancisci $50
Deborah D'Angelo $35
Debra Schoof $35
- Go Trey! Shoot for the stars!
Denise Lubrano $103
Ellen Denman $50
Emile Catanzaro $21
Erica Donovan $52
Jennifer DiBrienza $400
Jim & Pat Feeley $75
Joanne Nielsen $38
Julie D’Angelo $88
Kathleen & Steve Baldisserotto $50
Kelly Hart $35
Kelly McGuire $50
Linda Pesa $26
- Go, Trey❣️
Luke Nielsen $35
Margaret Redmond $52
Mary Delano $50
Maryellen Fabrizio $38
Nancyanne Tait $35
Nicholas D’Angelo $35
Nona Bonanno $50
Patricia Autorino $37
Paul Palek $35
Quinn Palek $35
Rich Tait $35
Richard Fabrizio $35
Robert Autorino $86
Robert Sr Gogerty $103
- My Hero My TT-Man! The toughest kid I know! I love you! TreyStrong
Rosanne Gogerty $140
- Through all the ups and downs over the past two years you have truly amazed me with your strength and courage! To the sweetest little boy - I am so happy that your journey is almost over! You truly are my little HERO! Love you TreyTrey! Love RoRo
Rose DeFabiis $37
Rosemarie Pettoni $52
- Trey Strong!
Stephanie Gogerty $53
Stephanie Gogerty $103
Stephen Grossman $35
Stephen D’Angelo $50
The Pronesti Family $52
Thomas G Greulich $52
- Go Team Trey!
Thomas Jefferson MS Phys Ed $3500
Thomas Tait $37
Trey Gogerty
Walter Gogerty $50





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