19th Annual CAREOKE
for the Kids Media Event
Thursday, September 19, 2024

This event brings together New York's media community for a "one-night only" CAREoke (karaoke) concert featuring 20+ courageous groups from all levels of the media industry. The past seventeen years' sold-out events raised more than $3,000,000 that directly benefited the deserving children of The Valerie Fund. Our goal this year is to raise $400,000.

When Valerie Goldstein's parents founded The Valerie Fund in 1976, their dream was to help children receive high-quality medical and emotional care in a nurturing environment close to their homes. Today, there are eight Valerie Fund Children's Centers treating more than 6,000 kids in our tri-state area. In fact, one of the centers is located right here in Manhattan, at Columbia University's New York Children's Hospital.


$15,000 ea. Platinum Sponsorship

  • Event Signage/Logo
  • 1 Minute Commercial during event
  • 70 Tickets
  • 1 Judges Spot
  • PR Mention
  • 2 Spots on Stage
  • Sponsorship of the Bar
    • Bourbon, Sweet Vermouth, Bitters & Cherry 
    • MC's will Plug sponsorship throughout the night
    • Specialty cocktail named after your network or a program
    • Example:  AMC's Mad Men Manhattan

Total Cost - $15,000 ($5,000 in savings vs. buying A La Carte)

Platinum Sponsorship

x $15,000

$12,500 ea. Gold Sponsorship

  • Event Signage/Logo
  • 1 Minute Commercial during event
  • 60 Tickets
  • 2 Spots on Stage

Total Cost - $12,500 (Savings of over $4,000)

Gold Sponsorship

x $12,500

$10,000 ea. Silver Sponsorship

  • Event Signage/Logo
  • 1 Minute Commercial during event
  • 40 Tickets
  • 1 Spot on Stage

Total Cost - $10,000 (Savings of over $2,000)

Silver Sponsorship

x $10,000

$8,000 ea. Bronze Sponsorship

  • Event Signage/Logo
  • :30 Commercial during event
  • 30 Tickets
  • 1 Spot on Stage

Total Cost - $8,000 (Savings of $2,000)

Bronze Sponsorship

x $8,000


$3,000 ea. One Judge's Spot

Only 3 spots available

One Judge's Spot

x $3,000

$2,000 ea. Spot on Stage

First Come, First Serve!

Spot on Stage

x $2,000

$1,500 ea. Commercial Time :30 seconds

Commercial Time :30 seconds

x $1,500

$150 ea. Individual Tickets

Individual Tickets

x $150

Additional Donation $

  • Make a donation of your own amount!

If you would like to pay by check or if you have a question call 973-761-0422 or email

What Our Kids Say About Us

“It was my first time being at camp Happy Times this year and being so welcomed was my favorite. My favorite memory though is spending late nights with my bunkmates.”

- Johnny

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