Join Troy Santise and the Vassar College Men’s Lacrosse Team in Making a Difference!

Dear Friends and Supporters,
I'm Troy Santise, a senior captain on the Vassar College Men’s Lacrosse team from Washington Township, NJ. I want to invite you to join my team in making a profound impact. In my final lacrosse season, I have the opportunity to honor my late mother, Bobbi, and support an incredible cause, The Valerie Fund, by scoring goals with my teammates and gaining your support.

Scoring Goals for a Cause

Last year, the Vassar Men’s Lacrosse team scored 208 goals for the year. To honor my mom and support The Valerie Fund, we're launching a unique campaign. We're seeking generous donors to pledge a dollar amount per goal we score during our 2024 Season, which runs from February to May. Our team is determined to surpass last year's goal total, and we're setting our sights high for a successful season. You can make a difference with as little as 50 cents per goal! Every pledge will make a tremendous impact on the lives of children fighting cancer and blood disorders.

Donation Example:
Today: Pledge $3 per goal
2024 Season: Vassar Scores 210 Goals
End of Season: Donate $630


The Valerie Fund: Bringing Hope Close to Home

The Valerie Fund, based out of Maplewood, NJ, is on a mission to provide individualized care to children facing cancer and blood disorders at medical centers close to their homes. Their comprehensive health care services extend beyond medical treatment to include critical psychosocial programs, creating a holistic approach to healing.


Why I Chose the Valerie Fund

I was deeply moved by the founders, Ed and Sue, who shared their journey of commuting to NYC with their daughter Valerie for medical care. It struck a chord with me because I faced a similar situation. Once a week throughout my senior year of high school I would miss school so I could drive my mom to the city for her chemotherapy and radiation appointments. To support a charity that provides aid for transportation costs to ease this part of the medical battle is exactly what my mom would have wanted. I also had the privilege of speaking with Brianna Commerford, a Washington Township resident, a family friend of mine who knew my mom, a junior board member of The Valerie Fund, and a Valerie kid herself. Hearing her story, and the positivity and excitement about the life-changing benefits The Valerie Fund provided her was a defining moment for me. It solidified my belief that this is the charity we should rally behind to honor my mom's memory and support a charity where results are seen instantly.

Join Us in Honoring Bobbi

This is not just a lacrosse season; it's a season of hope, selflessness, and remembrance. Join my team and our wonderful community of supporters in honoring my mom's memory and giving back to children in need through The Valerie Fund. Together, we can score goals on and off the field, creating a lasting legacy for my mom and countless children  battling these challenging conditions.

Make your pledge today, and let's make every goal count!

Thank you for your support, your generosity, and for helping us change lives through The Valerie Fund.

With heartfelt gratitude,
Troy Santise


  • Make a donation of your own amount!

If you would like to pay by check or if you have a question call 973-761-0422 or email

What Our Kids Say About Us

“Child Life Specialist Brie gave Charlotte a doll early in her treatment that she could practice giving meds to. This doll helped tremendously with Char taking her oral chemo meds. -Charlotte’s Mom”

- Charlotte

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