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Thank you for participating in the 31st annual Morgan Stanley campaign for The Valerie Fund!

This campaign is more than a tradition…over the past three decades, it has provided millions of dollars to ensure that kids from 5 to 21 with cancer attend The Valerie Fund’s Camp Happy Times, a therapeutic overnight summer camp in the Poconos with peers and counselors who share their journey. Over the past two years, it has also contributed to the much-needed COVID 19 Emergency Fund during the height of the pandemic, and supported children through treatment for cancer and blood disorders. 


Before they are campers, they are patients with cancer and blood disorders at seven Valerie Fund Children’s Centers. Beginning in 2021, the Morgan Stanley campaign expanded its reach to fund the psychosocial services woven into The Valerie Fund kids’ medical care—the hallmark of The Valerie Fund that includes social workers, psychologists, child life specialists, educational liaisons, palliative care, integrative medicine and more. The typical cost of these services over a standard 3-year course of leukemia treatment is $42,000.  For kids with sickle cell, a 3-year course of psychosocial care is upwards of $58,000


Here’s how your gift can help.

  • $50      Soothes a child getting a finger stick with the help of a child life specialist
  • $125    Provides art therapy for a patient and sibling
  • $300     Gives a parent guidance by a social worker
  • $750     Underwrite a 2023 happy camper
  • $1,000   Ensures counsel and support for a newly diagnosed family
  • $2,500   Provides two months of educational support services for a patient
  • $7,500  Underwrites the cost of 10 happy campers for 2023
  • $15,000  Two months of psychological support at a Valerie Fund Center.

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