Strength comes from partnership and our Valerie Fund kids need your support.

Will you be a partner to a child with cancer or a blood disorder?

Meet the Kids You're Helping


Diagnosed at age 17 – Osteosarcoma

"My first day of out-patient chemotherapy I was able to meet college students who wanted to pursue the medical field. We talked for what seemed like hours about our favorite traditional dishes. They helped me forget I was getting treatment and helped me feel normal."


Diagnosed at 3 weeks old – Beta Thalassemia

"I love going to the prize box, playing Bingo and wining prizes at The Valerie Fund Center! I love to play with my child-life specialist in the playroom making slime and playing games. It's very super fun!"


Diagnosed at age 1 - Sickle Cell

“My favorite memory from being at The Valerie Fund center is all the laughter. The people are very positive and make even getting shots fun. One of my favorite memories is the Santa Claus events, taking the time to celebrate with the other kids and with the CHOP Voorhees staff, and the food is great too!"


Diagnosed at age 3 – ST-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

"Anderson’s happy memory is after a particularly painful procedure. Ann S., social worker, literally went all over the hospital looking for a specific snack Anderson wanted. She really went above and beyond. Another memory Anderson often talks about is Kelly, child life specialist, making witches brew with him while he received chemo."


Diagnosed at birth – Sickle Cell

“My favorite memory of The Valerie Fund is when a player from the Giants, Harry Carson, came and let us hold his Hall of Fame ring and gave us his autograph. When I’m not being treated at The Valerie Fund, I enjoy football, everything football! I fell in love with football in 2014 when I was in the hospital/rehab for 3 months. Although I am a Seahawks fan, Cam Newton recovery after his car accident in 2014 was a motivator for me. I am a Seahawk fan, but still love Russell Wilson."


Diagnosed at age 2 - ALL

"The best/most recent memory at The Valerie Fund Center was Bernardo ringing the bell for ending chemo treatment! That moment was filled with so much love, support and emotions/ Everyone made Bernardo feel on top of the world! We were even on camera!"


Diagnosed at age 3 - ALL

"The love and support from the staff at The Valerie Fund have always been nothing but amazing. They helped with bills, always making sure the children and parents are okay and the most comfortable.
When not at The Valerie Fund, Channon enjoys going to school, hanging on the playground and going out to eat."


Diagnosed at age 22 - Rhabdomyosarcoma

"I remember that first time I came to The Valerie Fund I felt so welcomed and loved by all of the staff. This made me feel welcomed and at home throughout my treatment. The Valerie Fund has helped me by assisting me financially and gifting me and my daughters with many gifts, that for sure made us feel loved."


Diagnosed at 6 months - Sickle Cell

"The support at The Valerie Fund is great, the proactiveness to treatment makes life easier. They care beyond the treatment offered, but have a deep concern towards the family and well-being which is very encouraging to our heart. Isabel is still in treatment. When we are not at The Valerie Fund center we like traveling, cooking as a family, watching movies with friends and loved ones."


Diagnosed at age 9 and 16 – ALL

“The Valerie Fund is family. It’s another home we come to (thankfully on occasion now) and receiving such care and love. They have helped us through 9 very emotional, stressful and strenuous years. Always being welcomes with smiles and hugs. Couldn’t have been more blessed with being sent to The Valerie Funds clinic to take care of Katrina until she was healed. Our family was surrounded by so much love."


Diagnosed at age 20 - ALL

"The Valerie Fund has been a very supportive group throughout this journey. They figured out ways to make me feel comfortable while receiving treatment at their centers. I was able to gain a tremendous amount of assistance from the knowledge provided by the staff. It has shown and taught me so many valuable pieces of information about how impactful they truly are in my life. This type of organization really focuses on all aspects of recovery from physical to psychosocial parts of health/wellness."


Diagnosed at 3 months - Sickle Cell

Skyler loves going to The Valerie Fund. She enjoys nurse Sharon, giving her gifts in exchange for getting blood drawn. The Valerie Fund is always helping with ways to help Skyler feel comfortable at all times. They make sure she is up to date with all medications and appointments. Skyler is going to continue her treatment with The Valerie Fund. Skyler enjoys playing in the play room and conversating with Dr. Rao and staff.


Diagnosed at age 8 - Stage IV Neuroblastoma

The Valerie Fund was there for Sophie and our family from the start of Sophie’s diagnosis and continue to provide us support. TVF was a huge support system with assistance from child life, social workers and not to mention the doctors and nurses. Sophie also relied on Integrative Medicine, they allowed Sophie to manage her pain and her anxiety. Since finishing the treatment, we are in the path of paying it forward by raising awareness of childhood cancers and blood disorders in the forefront and raise money for research and a cure for the children and their families.


Diagnosed at age 4 - ALL

"Trey loved going to the Turtle Back Zoo with The Valerie Fund. The amount of support given by The Valerie Fund is overwhelming! They are family and always there when you need them."

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