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The 2016 Valerie Fund Educational Seminar PALLIATIVE CARE: A New Layer of Support at All Stages of Illness

The 2016 Valerie Fund Educational Seminar
PALLIATIVE CARE: A New Layer of Support at All Stages of Illness

Thursday, May 5, 2016
7:30-9:00 p.m.
Park Avenue Club
184 Park Ave
Florham Park, NJ 07932
Seminar Presenters
From New York Presbyterian-Columbia University Medical Center
Stephen Sands, PsyD Valerie Fund Director of Psychosocial Services (panel moderator)
Christopher Adrian, MD Valerie Fund Palliative Care Physician
Elisha Waldman, MD Director of Pediatric Palliative CareFrom The Valerie Fund Center at Unterberg Children's Hospital, Monmouth Medical Center
Heather Grossman, MD Valerie Fund Physician and Director of Palliative Care

The Valerie Fund Educational Seminars offer patient families, supporters, clinicians and the general community an opportunity to learn about various health care topics related to patients living with cancer or hematological disorders.
This seminar will explore Palliative Care. A panel of Valerie Fund Center Palliative Care physicians from New York Presbyterian-Columbia University Medical Center and Monmouth Medical Center will speak about this interdisciplinary practice that focuses on protecting the quality of life and alleviating stress and pain caused by illness, regardless of the patient's stage or prognosis. Delivering the ultimate in patient-centered care, a palliative care team adds an extra layer of support that may mean different things for different families. For some it might be about managing distressing symptoms. For others, it helps families prioritize the care of a chronically ill child and his siblings over the course of their childhood. This form of compassionate care also addresses difficult decision-making. Because every patient is unique, they will receive highly personalized options.

Palliative care helps patients and their families find the right balance for an optimum quality of life, pursuing activities that are immediate and meaningful to the patient (i.e. going to the prom, taking a trip) with side effects and long term survival.

The seminar will examine the role of the palliative care physicians as they consider the patient and family's understanding of hope, meaning and life-threatening illness.

At The Valerie Fund, patients and their families meet the palliative care specialists soon after diagnosis. Support is available early on and a rapport rapidly develops during a time of heightened sensitivity and uncertainty. Last year, The Valerie Fund increased their commitment to palliative care by expanding the programs from one Valerie Fund Children's Center to three Valerie Fund Children's Centers.

There is no cost to attend this event and no solicitation of funds. Beverages and desserts will be provided.

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