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Planned Giving


with a gift through your estate plan

You've already shown you care.  How would you like the satisfaction of continuing to help The Valerie Fund children and families with a substantial gift but with no cost during your life time?

A bequest in the form of a deferred pledge is the simplest and most convenient way to make a planned gift to The Valerie Fund. A deferred pledge (also known as an irrevocable bequest) is one that is fulfilled from your estate but not in your lifetime and is exempt from federal estate tax.  It binds the donor's estate to fulfilling the pledge while offering lifetime advantages. And you will be providing emotional support at a critical time in children's lives when they need you most. (If you've already included The Valerie Fund in your will, please let us know so that we can recognize your generosity now.)

Simple bequests commonly come in the form of IRAs, CDs, cash stock, and life insurance.  The advantage is that you control your assets in your lifetime and avoid capital gains tax.

Use your retirement plan by naming The Valerie Fund on the beneficiary designation form supplied by the trustee or custodian of your IRA, 401K or other retirement plan. (Bear in mind that if you are 70 ½ you can make a tax-free gift of up to $100,000 today as part of your mandatory IRA distribution!)

Use life insurance by naming The Valerie Fund on the beneficiary form provided by your insurance or professional.

Use a bank or brokerage account by titling a bank account as POD (payable on death) or a brokerage account or stock certificate as TOD (transfer on death) for The Valerie Fund.

By sharing your plans with us, you become a member of Valerie's Legacy and help The Valerie Fund see more clearly into the future.


Specific bequest
"I bequeath twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000) (or all of my Google stock) to The Valerie Fund, a nonprofit corporation in Maplewood, NJ."

Residuary bequest
"I bequeath ten percent (10%) of the residue of my estate to The Valerie Fund, a nonprofit corporation in Maplewood, NJ."

If you have already planned your state, a will or trust does not need to be rewritten.
Your attorney can prepare a "codicil," a simple amendment to a trust or to your existing will which adds The Valerie Fund as a beneficiary.  We can provide samples of these documents. We can even arrange a brief conversation with a member of our Planned Giving Advisory Committee, a group of highly respected tax and estate attorneys who care about The Valerie Fund.

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