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The Valerie Fund Centers are hospital-based specialty centers where children are diagnosed and treated for cancer and blood disorders.  Pediatricians in the region refer their patients to The Valerie Fund Children’s Center because they know they will get top-notch care close to home.

Thanks to The Valerie Fund, these Centers in four different hospital systems have the resources to provide a vast array of critical psychosocial services ranging from social work to medical education to palliative care and survivorship care, to name a few.  Psychosocial staff work alongside medical staff to help patients and families navigate the unpredictable ups and downs they encounter along this journey and help them stay on course throughout. 

Every Valerie Fund Children’s Center is associated with Children’s Oncology Group, the international collaborative brain trust that provides treatment protocols and runs the clinical studies in which patients are enrolled.  Every Center has a research assistant responsible for tracking and reporting.  As a result, children treated at The Valerie Fund Centers for cancer benefit from and contribute to the latest research in the field of pediatric oncology.

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