Supporting children with cancer and blood disorders since 1976

2022 Thanksgiving Ball Gala Ambassadors

Abigael, 17 Osteosarcoma

The Valerie Fund helped me personally navigate my feelings, and allowed me to let my guard down. They are currently helping me stay on rack with school and medical bills.

Adriana, 4 Beta Thalassemia

The Valerie Fund Center has been an incredible support system. They have comforted us when we needed it most, as well as offered many resources to our family.

Domenic, 17 Hemophilia Factor 9

I'm so thankful The Valerie Fund sent me to camp hole in the wall.

Emma, 18 Stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

A way The Valerie Fund helped my family during my treatment was giving me mom Uber gift cards. Because we did not have a car at this time, we had to take an Uber to and from treatments.

Godfrey, 7 Sickle Cell

The Valerie Fund children's centers staffs are saints from heaven that my family sees each time we step our foot inside the center. The entire medical team works hard to care for Godfrey.

Jimmie, 18 Stage 4 Large Cell Lymphoma

While at The Valerie Fund I found my love for art and painting. I received financial support and gifts throughout my cancer journey.

Jude, 10 Burkett’s Lymphoma

Jude never cried or was nervous entering The Valerie Center because he always knew he would be greeted with love and attention.

Owen, 10 Aplastic Anemia

The doctors and nurses would always play scrabble with me to keep me entertained. This made visits much more bearable. It helped me have strong relationships with some of the nurses and doctors.

Trinity, 8 Precursor B Cell Leukemia

At the center I remember painting, drawing, and playing with toys in the play room. Doctors, nurses, and social workers took care of me.

Shariah, 13 Undifferentiated Embryonal Sarcoma of the Liver

My favorite memory from Camp Happy Times is the dance at the end of the week. I wore the most gorgeous dress and danced with all my friends.

River, 19 Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

I am a freshman at Berklee School of Music, thanks to the Weintraub Family Scholarship I was awarded by The Valerie Fund.

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